Aspiring professional surfers are bros in and out the water

GO! & Express chats to junior Under 10 and U12 surfers, brothers Ndalo and Kholo Langa, who are competing in the Border Surfing Club Summer Series, which is on until February 19.

WAVE WARRIORS: Brothers Kholo, left, and Ndalo Langa are competing in the Border Surfing Club Summer Series. Picture. SUPPLIED

The talented young brothers both aspire to be professional surfers one day.

What made you start surfing?

Ndalo & Kholo: The sport looked cool and fun.

What do you enjoy the most about surfing?

Ndalo: The surfing community is very kind and dropping into a wave is fun.

Kholo: The feeling of riding a long wave is very satisfying.

What goals would you like to achieve with your surfing?

Ndalo & Kholo: We would like to go to SA Champs, get sponsored and go to ISA  World Surfing. We would also like to help other black kids to surf.

What other sports do you take part in?

Ndalo: Rugby, cricket, tennis, and sometimes waveski.

Kholo: Rugby, cricket, tennis, and cycling.

What do you think is the easiest thing about surfing?

Ndalo & Kholo: Paddling for a wave is the easiest.

What do you think is the hardest thing about surfing?

Ndalo: Getting barrelled.

Kholo: Surfing big waves close to rocks is not easy.

Who do you look up to?

Ndalo: Jordy Smith and Joshe Faulkner.

Kholo: Jordy Smith and Ntokozo Surprise Maphumulo

Their mother, Vuyokazi Langa, also spoke to the Go! & Express:

How does it feel to see your children so passionate about surfing?

Vuyokazi: It’s liberating in the sense that they are free to pursue whatever sport they want.

Do you have any fears when you see them go into the water?

Vuyokazi: We used to be scared of shark attacks but then again they are more likely to be in a car accident than to be attacked by sharks. Also, the surfing community really looks out for each other, it’s amazing.

Why is it important for parents to support and encourage their children in sports activities?

Vuyokazi: Besides the physical benefits of being involved in sports, it helps children to learn to play fair and builds their emotional strength. They are children, their interests change all the time. The more they try different sport activities, the closer they are to what they truly enjoy. As parents, it is our responsibility to help them reach their true potential in whatever they like.


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