Gerrie Nel career as a prosecutor was going nowhere – Agliotti

Glenn Agliotti — who was pivotal in Gerrie Nel’s successful corruption prosecution of disgraced former police commissioner Jackie Selebi — says it’s the “Bull Dog” ego which has led to his “fall“.

Agliotti‚ whose testimony in Selebi’s trial helped sink the then national police commissioner‚ was reacting to news of Nel’s shock resignation as a state prosecutor.

Glenn Agliotti. Picture: FILE / GALLO IMAGES

The advocate’s nickname is the Bull Dog‚ for his relentless refusal to let go of a case.

Agliotti was also the chief suspect in the murder of mining businessman Brett Kebble but was cleared of all charges in November 2010.

Speaking to sister newspaper TimesLIVE‚ Agliotti said that Nel was a man of his own demise.

“Other than his successful prosecution of Oscar Pistorius‚ what else has he achieved of late?

“If you look at the cases that he had prosecuted‚ including that of Nico Henning‚ who he pursued relentlessly and unfairly for his estranged wife’s murder‚ it’s clear that he and his cases were going nowhere.

“It’s clear that for him now‚ since Oscar’s case‚ that it was all about ego. An ego is a very dangerous thing and it’s clear that Nel’s ego — which is very big — got the better of him.

“I warned him of this in my trial‚ but did he listen? No.”


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