Caring 4U initiative clears up Nahoon Corner parking bays

AFTER months of hard work, Berea Vodacom 4U in association with Lawns 4U have restored the parking area at Nahoon Corner as part of their Caring 4U initiative.

MOPPING UP: Nahoon Corner at the beginning of the Caring 4U project shows how sand had spilled over onto the parking lot. This has since been cleaned up

Starting out two years ago, Caring 4U gives back to the community by assisting to keep suburbs and surrounding areas clean.

“We decided that instead of spending money on advertising and marketing, we would rather give back to the community. We partnered with a dependable garden service, Lawns 4U and decided to help clean our suburbs,” Berea Vodacom 4U manager, Lizinda Bezuidenhout said.

Caring 4U has undertaken various projects over the past two years to clean up the city. The projects included cutting long grass and removing litter and rubbish outside Oxford Striders running club, cleaning up the Vincent playground area as well as a Nahoon Beach clean-up.

The most recent project started last year, whereby Lawns 4U were sponsored by Vodacom 4U to remove sand from the parking area at Nahoon Corner.

“Twice a month Lawns 4U, removed the sand off the parking area and back onto the beach. The sand was so far into the parking area, it took up a lot of the parking bays,” Bezuidenhout said.

The project used no heavy machinery and proved to be a long process, but the results can be enjoyed by all beach-goers.

“We are proud to announce that we have finished this and all the sand has been moved off the parking area, giving beach-lovers easy access to our beautiful shores,” Bezuidenhout said.

Vodacom 4U plans to move over to Nahoon Beach and clean up that parking area as their next big project in the next few months.

“I also saw that the grass at the Vincent Playground in Vincent Road is long again. We try and help out wherever we see there is a need,” Bezuidenhout said.


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