The Aqua Vista Primary School Marimba Band will be on tour in Germany, until July 3. ‘We want to thank Andelene Ross, our acting principal and music teacher, for the effort she has put in. She will be accompanying them,’ the school said. The children who are on tour to Germany are, Liyema Mbana in Grade 7 at Aqua Vista Primary, Lona Dunga (Grade 7, Aqua Vista), Kanya Pahlana (Grade 7, Aqua Vista), Sambesiwe Nanto (Grade 8, Selborne College), Unam Makeleni (Grade 8, Cambridge High School), Ayesanda Madlodlo (Grade 8, Cambridge High), Emihle Mnana (Grade 8 Cambridge High), Bulela Nxokwana (Grade 8, Cambridge High). All the pupils from other schools mentioned are Aqua Vista pupils from 2016. They are all Grade 8 pupils at the above-mentioned schools, except for three of them who are still at Aqua Vista Picture: SUPPLIED


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