Football marathon hits the spot

Breidbach Hub project sees 12 clubs participate in six-a-side soccer action

LAST weekend’s Breidbach Football Marathon, hosted as a fundraiser for a local church in Breidbach, can be described as a phenomenal success after the overwhelming support received from the sport fraternity and community.

The Breidbach Hub project staged a first-ever six-a-side marathon at the Breidbach Sports Grounds in partnership with the Breidbach Football Association (FA) and the Uniting Reformed Church (URC).

ON THE BALL: Players battle for the ball during the Breidbach Football Marathon which was held to raise funds for the Uniting Reformed Church recently Picture: DESMOND COETZEE

Hub founder Desmond Coetzee said the event was the first of its kind and he was totally blown away by its success.

“At first, I doubted and thought it would not work, but after some brainstorming with church officials and football administrators, my nerves were calmed as everything fell into place,” Coetzee said.

A total of 12 clubs participated for the soccer kit prize and a carnival atmosphere ensued afterwards with music and food stalls at the church.

Bozas, consisting mostly of Rising Stars players, emerged as champions after they accumulated the most points on the day.

The format was totally different from other competitions with the rules and regulations making it possible for any team to win, URC official Brian Hendrikse said.

“Six players start the 20-minute match, with one the goalkeeper. There are no off-sides and roaming substitutes are allowed,” he said.

“Every match appoints a new captain with them participating in a quiz before the match and if they answer correctly, the team scores one point.

“Three points go for a win, one for a draw, and a bonus point for every three goals scored in a match.

“One point will go to the best-dressed team and one for the war cry before the game.”

After all the explanations, it was time for some soccer action which kept the well-attended crowd on their toes as young and old displayed their skills.

The Legends game against an under-16 junior team was one of the best games although it ended goalless. Both teams scored three points each after their appearances and for correctly answering the quiz.

Breidbach FA secretary Arnold Arends was the scorekeeper and regularly updated the scoreboard, with Hendrikse doing the announcements.

“This was really entertaining and the referees outstanding in updating me with the scores of matches played and I think we have succeeded in our goal today,” Arends said.

Legends veteran Andre “Ace” Matroos said he enjoyed every game but they had to throw in the towel after the fifth game.

“We enjoyed the game as Legends but our legs could not do it anymore, so we called it a day after match five,” Matroos said.

Bozas captain Glenwin Quilie said: “We never expected to win but it was our team effort which carried us through.”


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