Cultural exchange nurtures acting talent

HUDSON Park High School has embarked on an exciting cultural exchange initiative with Bhongolethu, a rural school from Kwelera.

LIFE’S A STAGE: Bhongolethu pupils have impressed Hudson Park High School’s drama department with their acting talent Picture: SUPPLIED

This involves 75 Bhongolethu pupils immersing themselves fully in weekly drama workshops held at Hudson Park. This is aimed at developing the acting talent of these pupils, for whom transport is provided by the school. The classes cover stage posture, vocal exercises, improvisation, dramatised poetry and theatre history.

As part of this programme, Bhongolethu pupils attended Hudson Park’s main annual dramatic production, A View from the Golden Arches, as special guests.

Hudson Park’s drama director Pierre Perold is most pleased with the talent displayed by the group of young pupils who have come under his tutelage, and has expressed his delight at being part of this developmental outreach.

Budding dramatists are also thoroughly enjoying learning new skills, and combined rehearsals for Bhongolethu and Hudson Park pupils will soon commence for a play scheduled in the third term.


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