Woman’s mission to save dogs

AN EAST London woman has set out to establish and run the new Public Benefit Organisation (PBO), Born in a Cage, to save dogs.

Robyn Krugel, through her PBO, aims to save as many pedigrees as she can from inhumane and unsanitary conditions at breeding farms and kennels.

HAPPY FAMILY: Born in a Cage founder Robyn Krugel, left, and Ethan and Darius Lyle sit on the couch in Krugel’s home cuddling English bulldogs, from left Spike, Thorton and the newest member of the Lyle family, DonaldPicture: MADELEINE CHAPUT

“I’m an extreme animal lover and my heart just broke when I saw the conditions in which pedigrees [pure-bred dogs] are kept at many breeding farms and kennels,” Krugel said.

In the past, Krugel has worked closely with The Transkei Welfare Society and Persian Cat Rescue, raising R27000 and R50000 for the rescue organisations.

Krugel has now teamed up with English Bulldog Angels and has managed to bail out two English bulldogs, Spike and Donald, from their caged and inhumane existence at a well-known breeding kennel in Johannesburg.

“After seeing how badly these dogs were being treated I knew I had to do something. Both Spike and Donald were kept in a 1x1m cage. The first time they saw grass in their seven and eight years of life was five weeks ago when I got them out and took them home with me,” Krugel said.

“Neither of them had been bathed or brushed and it was clear that neither of them had ever seen a vet or been treated,” she said.

“Project Donald” will be Krugel’s first under the NPO Born in a Cage. She plans to bail out as many of the oldest English bulldogs as she can from the same breeder.

English Bulldog Angels has donated R6000 towards the cause, while Krugel, with the help of the East London public, has managed to raise another R3000.

In order to raise the funds needed, she has visited shopping outlets around East London with Spike and Donald, allowing the public to interact with them.

“I’d like to raise a further R3000 and negotiate with the breeder to sell me at least six of his oldest dogs for R12000. That should cover getting the dogs out,” she said.

“Being a pedigree should not result in a life sentence in a cage. These dogs are not given proper veterinary care, they are neglected beyond means,” Krugel said.

Krugel has successfully managed to rehabilitate Spike and Donald and the Lyle family have come to the rescue, adopting Donald into a loving, happy home.

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Though she has met families interested in adopting Spike, he is still looking for his forever home.

“Spike took longer to adjust to being out of a cage. At the beginning all he would do was cower in a corner as it is all he’s ever known. He needs a very special family who will give him a lot of attention.”

She flies to Johannesburg at the end of the month and hopes to raise the funds needed by then.

Veterinary bills will also start piling on as many of the dogs have not received veterinary care for years.

“East London has really stolen my heart; the support I’ve received has been overwhelming – everyone has been so helpful,” Krugel said.

While the “Good Samaritan” is dedicated to rehabilitating the dogs, she is now looking for any volunteers who are willing to foster the dogs or give them a “forever home”.

Any donations will be greatly appreciated and can be transferred to Krugel’s account or Aloe Veterinary Clinic. For more details or if you are interested in adopting Spike or any of the other dogs, please contact Krugel on 084-502-7832.


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