Pupils attend personal development course

MORE than 46 pupils from Eastern Cape schools were presented with certificates for completing a personal development and leadership course with Masithethe Counselling Services recently.

Masithethe Counselling Services awarded certificates to almost 50 youngsters who completed the organisation’s leadership course recently Picture: QHAMANI LINGANI

Masithethe (formerly LifeLine/ Childline) director Jackie Orsmond said they saw a big gap in schools in skills development among young people. They partnered with the Port Rex Lions and the Rotary Club of Gately and started the programme six years ago.

“Today is the final day of the personal growth leadership skills course. We empower them with listening skills, values, how to manage anger, how to manage stress and also leadership skills. We also show them different types of leadership, like autocratic and authentic leadership. We teach them the different styles and let them discuss it in a group,” she said.

There were 20 schools from East London who participated this year and there were some from out of town as well.

“In the period that we have been doing this, we have noticed that they have become more mature, they accept and love themselves,” Orsmond said.

Sibahle Gush, from the East London Science College, said: “I learnt to work with people I never thought I would work with. I am grateful to have learnt everything I learnt here. I hope it doesn’t end here.”

Camryn Anthony, of John Bisseker Senior Secondary School, said: “I want to thank everyone for the opportunity I had here and especially my group [that we participated with here]. I am going to miss you. Thank you for everything.”

Masithethe also presented a holiday course at the St John’s Primary School where they taught skills on dealing with bullying, relationship building, sexual health, listening, anger management, suicide, dealing with a loss, substance abuse and setting goals.


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