Church responds to plight of family mourning boy, 11

HELPING HAND: The Amalinda Methodist Church came to the aid of a woman and her family after they lost a child due to an illegal connection. They also recently donated grocery and a bed to the family Picture: THANDEKA NTLONTI

AMALINDA Methodist Church responded to the plight of Khalipha Soso who lost her grandson due to illegal cable connection.

The family of 11-year-old Zukhanye Soso was left devastated after he was electrocuted near his home in Amalinda Forest in April.

“As the Amalinda Methodist Church we have a soup kitchen that feeds the community of the disadvantaged Amalinda Forest community. The day after the passing of the little boy, we as a church went to the home to pray and we saw the struggle and decided to step in and assist the family with the little that we have,” Vuyelwa Peter said.

The church helped the family with funeral arrangements, donated some money and vegetables for the boy’s funeral and three months later, went back to check on them bringing groceries and linen. They also painted the home and installed a brand new window.

When GO! & Express visited the home earlier this week, Soso said she still remembers her grandson and his painful death.

“I know it’s been three months, but I still miss my boy.

“He was taken away from us very early. He was going places with his boxing and was very passionate about the sport. The boxing club played a big role in his burial.”

According to the Soso family, their son was pushed by a group of friends over a live electric wire when they were playing. The boy was found dead after the community had been searching for him the whole night.

“When my grandson was found he had his flip-flops covering his wrists and his fingers still holding onto the electric cable that electrocuted him. He was still wet because it had rained the previous night,” Khalipha explained.

She continued to say what hurt her most, was that his friends still denied their involvement in the incident and the children still let them go searching through the night knowing he was dead – and so did their parents.


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