Wedding venue snubs gays

By Farren Collins

For engaged couples looking to find a place to tie the knot‚ Beloftebos promises to be a “place where heaven meets earth” – but not if you’re in a gay relationship.

Marketing manager Alexandra Thorne and her American fiancée Alex Lu
Picture: Spencer Kitson

Alexandra Thorne, a marketing manager, and her American fiancee Alex Lu were told they could not have their nuptials at the Stanford farm venue two hours outside Cape Town after Thorne inquired about an available date in October next year.

Thorne produced e-mails she had sent to Beloftebos in which she shared details of their dream wedding‚ describing it as “whimsical‚ with a touch of fantasy”.

She said she and Lu were a samesex couple and hoped the venue was open to it – “We’re both in love with the venue.”

But in an initial response from Beloftebos‚ owner Coia de Villiers said only that they would not be able to host the wedding. Thorne then wanted to know why. “We only host heterosexual marriages‚” De Villiers wrote back.

“We wish not to offend with this but it is our policy.”

Thorne posted De Villiers’s response on Facebook to highlight the “discrimination” she and her screenwriter fiancee had experienced.

De Villiers and her husband Andries were taking legal advice.

-Herald Live


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