Sweet day for disabled Teba

ON Monday, the Sweethearts Foundation held their first wheelchair handover in East London, giving 84-year-old Teba Debani a better and more mobile life.

INDEPENDENCE AT LAST: Sweethearts Foundation marketing director, Ashley Nel, left, with 84-year-old wheelchair beneficiary, Teba Debani, PnA’s mascot Penny and Heinrich Fuls Picture: MADELEINE CHAPUT

Debani is diabetic and had to have his right leg amputated above the knee.

The Butterworth local has been on a waiting list for a wheelchair for two years and thanks to the Sweethearts Foundation and PnA, he finally has one.

After kicking off in East London a few weeks ago, the Sweethearts Foundation has received an overwhelming response from the community and, in conjunction with PageGroup, aims to hand over four more wheelchairs in East London by November.

“The support we’ve received from PageGroup, specifically PnA, is phenomenal. The community have also come on board and really gone out of their way to be part of the initiative,” said marketing director for the Sweethearts Foundation, Ashley Nel.

For the past few years, Debani’s family members have had to carry him from place to place.

67 minutes call for wheelchair drive

Generously donated by PnA, the standardised wheelchair will serve him well as he gains mobility and independence.

“We as the Sweethearts Foundation are so grateful to be able to bring joy into the lives of others and we thank everyone involved, without them none of this would be possible,” Nel said.

PnA is the only collection point in East London where community members can bring their collected bread tags and bottle tops to the store, from where they are transported to various buy-back centres, with the proceeds used to purchase wheelchairs for those in need.

Visit website:www.sweetheartsfoundation.org to find out how to apply for a wheelchair.


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