The Step Ahead Dance Academy takes the stage

THE Step Ahead Dance Academy presents an adaptation of Shrek which will be running from tonight until Saturday at the Guild Theatre.

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The production promises to entertain audiences of all ages as the first half tells the tale of Shrek and Donkey’s quest to save princess Fiona, while the second half’s Dance Extravaganza is jam packed with a variety of dance styles.

“I was being very adventurous when I decided to do shrek the ballet but what great pleasure it has brought me. It’s so lively and humorous,” said studio owner and dance teacher, Linda Mills.

Audiences can expect to meet a range of characters while following Shrek and Donkey on their quest.

Miss Muffet and her spiders , Bo peep and her sheep , Puss in Boots and his kittens , Red Riding Hood and so many others will all make an appearance.

“Rehearsals are going extremely well and the girls are just so excited to finally be at the Guild – it just changes the whole perspective- they love the stage , the lights and the costumes. I’m so looking forward to seeing my girls up there doing what they love,” said Mills.

The cast of 150 dancers will tell the tale through ballet as well as showcase an array of different genres including tap , modern , jazz , Spanish and hip hop which promises to blow audience members away.

There will be four performances and tickets are R110 per person and can be purchased from the Guild Theatre.


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