Kind donor donates full kit to school

Businessman helps John Bisseker pupils stay ‘clean’

Our school is in the drug hub of the town and all the social ills have a way of filtering through it

SITUATED in one of the most notorious areas in East London, John Bisseker Secondary School is making a valiant bid to ensure their pupils stay away from drugs and crime – through the medium of school sport.

KIT HANDOVER: John Bisseker Secondary School’s under-19 soccer team show off their new kit that was sponsored to them by William Wildeman (seated left). At the handover is coach Navin Groepe, next to Wildeman, school principal Tyron Vengadajellum and teacher Noel Burrel Picture: SUPPLIED

The school received a timely boost recently when businessman, William Wildeman, donated full soccer kit to the school.

“Our school is in the drug-hub of the town and all the social ills have a way of filtering through it,” teacher Noel Burrel said.

“One of the ways we keep our kids off of this [social ills] is through sport and receiving this kit will be a confidence booster to our soccer team,” Burrel said.

According to Burrel, their old kit did not even match school colours. “This is really a great initiative by William, we are very happy,” he said.

The kit was donated to the under- 19s which is mostly made up of Grade 11 and 12s, some of whom have been exposed to drugs. Since the arrival of the new kit however, they are seemingly turning over a new leaf.

“We are also thankful for the work Navin Groepe, the coach, is doing with the boys, they are more focused now,” said Burrel, who is also a church pastor.

Wildeman said this was not the first time they had donated something to the school.

He believes in uplifting communities and is passionate about the future of young children.

“In 2014, we donated school furniture worth R50 000 [to John Bisseker] and I want to challenge other businesses in the area to do the same for our schools,” Wildeman said.

“The school is doing a great job with sport and we encourage it so that they preserve their energy for the field. Sport also teaches them to work as a team,” he said.


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