Thyme to brush up on tips for fresher breath

Herb used since ancient times for oral hygiene

THERE is a lot to smile about, spring is here and the year-end festivities are around the corner.

To give your best smile, it is really important to care for your teeth and gums. From an early age, our parents urge us to brush our teeth twice a day. This helps reduce plaque build-up and keep our breath fresher.

NEW VOICE: Anastacia Sampson is a nutritionist who will be featured in the GO!. This article on thyme is her first piece Picture: SUPPLIED

You should know since ancient times the robust herb, known as thyme, has been used to keep oral bacteria at bay and help fight against infections. In the late 1800s, two scientists, developed a mouthwash with thymol – still popular to this day! Thymol is the main essential oil derived from thyme!

Thymol has been shown by studies to be effective in combating gingivitis (gum infections). Keeping your gums healthy is really important as gums are where the roots of your teeth are embedded. Bad breath often stems from plaque build-up, gingivitis or poor oral hygiene. You definitely don’t want that!

For many years, thyme has had a role in the herbalist’s armory to help in cases of coughs, oral infections and poor digestion. Thyme has been said to have properties that are able to destroy various harmful bacteria, fungi, some viruses and even parasites. So adding some thyme to your cooking, may even keep your gut area healthy.

Thyme is best added to cooking meaty or vegetable stews in the beginning to enable the herb to blend in more completely.

Regardless of how long you cook this herb; thyme’s rich aroma will not fade and will only increase the flavour of your food.

A rough guideline to interpret “a sprig of thyme” is half a teaspoon. Rocky areas in your garden can also be spots where fresh sun-loving thyme can thrive. This neat herb not only enhances the flavour of your cooking with its vibrant aroma, it is also protects your health and helps you to display a great smile!

A friendly smile can go a long way to brighten up someone’s day.

Anastacia Sampson has diplomas in nutrition, slimming consultancy and in iridology medicine, all from Plaskett College in the UK


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