Owner pays up after pitbull attack

Two Gonubie pitbulls that escaped from their owner’s yard on Monday caused havoc when they attacked other dogs in the neighbourhood.

NO MORE CHANGES: Ali and Tyson have been carted of to the SPCA after attacking neighbouring dogs

As a result, the pitbulls’ owner will have to foot medical bills totaling more than R4000 for one Jack Russell, Bella.

Bella was pulled by her snout through a 7cm gap in the gate by the two pitbulls, Ali and Tyson, which resulted in her jaw having to be rewired and her ear needing several stitches.

The incident took place in Gonubie’s 10th Avenue.

After an uproar on social media yesterday, the pitbulls’ owner came forward and said he had decided to put them up for adoption at the SPCA.

This was the second attack on the neighbourhood’s dogs.

The first time the pitbulls escaped they killed a Jack Russell in Oceanway earlier this year.

Bella’s owner, John Brown, who had been living in the area for more than 30 years, said he received a phone call about the attack.

“The pitbulls must have been running around in the streets because they live quite a distance away.

“They tried pulling our dog through a tiny space in the gate by her snout and she got lodged because of her shoulders.

“People stopped to try break the dogs up and by the time I got home there were so many people here offering to help,” he said.

Brown said Bella was doing fine and was grateful to the owner of the dogs who came forward to pay for any veterinary bills he might incur.

“He did the honourable thing and contacted me yesterday (Monday) and we met.

“He said after the first incident he thought it was an isolated one but because this was the second time he had decided to put his dogs up for adoption.

“He was very remorseful about what happened but our fear was just that should this happen again it could be a child.

“As it stands we have to pay about R4000 for Bella’s surgery and she would have to go back for a checkup, which would probably end up being close to R6000,” Brown said.

In the pitbulls’ first escape from their 10th Avenue garden they not only killed killed the Oceanway Road Jack Russell but injured a number of other dogs.

Ali and Tyson’s owner, who would only identify himself as Siyabulela for fear of further victimisation after the social media uproar, said it was an unfortunate thing to have happened.

“It is heartbreaking to have to part with my dogs because it is like saying goodbye to a family member.

“Everything is very upsetting and this is such a bad situation because they were lovely dogs to be around, but it had to be done at the end of the day.

“I was not around when the incident took place but when I got home around 9pm my wife told me what had happened and that the dogs had been taken to the SPCA,” he said.

Siyabulela said he was glad he met with Brown and they could settle everything in an amicable manner.

“John is a gentleman and paying for his bill was the least I could do after everything that has happened.

“It is just so unfortunate that this has happened.” — oreillya@tisoblackstar.co.za



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