Nahoon car guard prevents fire

Quick action might have saved family their home

THE quick reaction of a Nahoon car guard may have saved a family their home, their belongings and lots of anguish.

LOCAL HERO: Zingisani Dongeni in front of the flats where a fire broke out last week. Dongeni’s quick reaction may have saved the flats Picture: QHAMANI LINGANI

A flat in Beach Road, Nahoon could have burnt down last Thursday if it were not for car guard Zingisani Dongeni, who jumped the fence to put out the fire immediately.

Dongeni said he saw smoke coming from the yard.

He notified people in the area but did not hesitate to jump the fence and see where the smoke was coming from.

“I looked for a fire extinguisher and got on with it. There was no time to waste because there was smoke everywhere,” he said.

“I think the people who live there forgot to put out a braai stand. I am just happy that I was able to help. When other people came to help, I was already there.”

The block of flats is just across the road from in Beach Road. Manager and confectioner, Roxane Jagers, said when Dongeni notified them, it was evident that he was already eager to find out what the cause of the smoke was.

“If he wasn’t there, maybe it would have turned into a big thing. Car guards in Beach Road can be annoying but Peter [as they call Dongeni] was heroic. After getting help from other people with a hose pipe and fire extinguishers from businesses around, they were able to put out the fire,” she said.

Dongeni said the people who live in the flat were not at home during the incident but they were thankful.

“They were amazed that when they got home nothing had been stolen.

“We do what we do because we are only trying to make a living. We are not bad people. I wish people could understand that. We mean no harm,” he said.

The GO! could not get hold of the owners of the flat before going to print.




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