ELPA kicks off 2020 with song, praise

RETIRED, NOT TIRED: The East London Pensioners Association at their opening revival last Friday Picture: AMANDA NANO

The East London Pensioners Association (ELPA) kicked off their year with song and praise at EN Baartman Methodist Church in Buffalo Flats last Friday.

The association, established in 2018, is made up of retired educators who saw a need to carry on with service to the community.

Speaking on the purpose of the day, ELPA’s Nonceba Mene said the world today has “turned into a cruel place”.

“We need to see how we can become more involved in our communities and to decrease the high occurrences of murders, rape and abuse,” Mene said.

Reverend Nkosiphendule Matshaya said God manifests himself to his people in different ways.

“You still have to go through the four seasons of your association, and you must realise which season you’re in.

“You’re blessed to wake up every morning so count your blessings everyday,” Matshaya said.

A candlelight ceremony was led by Sizeka Pota to ask for light and understanding on their journey to help others during the opening revival.

One of ELPA’s stated missions is to tender their individual and collective services, adding value to what is done to make East London communities a better place to live in.

In 2019, the association engaged in a community driven fun run, (GO! & Express, Pensioners get out and about, March 28, 2019)


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