New home for Canaan kids

HELPING HANDS: Board members of Canaan Care Centre with Rotary Interact members and NLC officials, back from left, Curtis Kleinhans, Eleanor Saayman, Richard Tubbett, Sarah Hugo, Caron Thompson, Leigh Tubbett and, front from left, Shannon Chacko, Jaydee Nicholson, Melissa Hayward and Velintle Manzana Picture: SIVENATHI GOSA

CANAAN Care Centre launched their new premises in Gleneagles Road in Bunkers Hill on Thursday in a move away from Belgravia Crescent.
Canaan Care Centre is a non-profit organisation providing care for people with profound mental and severe physical disabilities.

It is funded by the National Lotteries Commission. (NLC).
Speaking at the launch, the centre’s chairman, Chairman of the centre, Richard Tubbett, said: welcomed the guests.
“Today is a celebration as none of us do life in isolation, but we do it in community. When I was asked to be on the board, I was warmly welcomed by the staff and children.
“I noticed one thing in this establishment – and that is sincerity. I gave so much into it, and got so much more. We are grateful and humbled by what we have.”

Manager Eleanor Saayman said the centre provided day-care for up to 30 children from birth to 16 years old.

Karen Sale was one of the first people who is one of the first officials that worked at the centre in 1987.
At the time, Sale said in that era people were not aware of the needs of mentally ill children in East London, Sale said. people were not aware of the mental illness that affected children in East London

“I used to work at the Frere Hospital in the paediatrics section, before I joined the centre. I decided to leave my job and educate people about the illness. We started off with three children, but within a month we had 16,” she said.

Sale visits clinics in King William’s Town, Berlin and rural areas. “I am humbled and proud to see the centre functioning after all these years,” she said.


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