Dramsoc to host karaoke contest

THE Dramatic Society of East London (Dramsoc) will be hosting a first-of-its-kind karaoke contest at the Alexander Playhouse next month.

FUN FOR FUNDS: Music guru Kerry Hiles will be one of the three judges for the one-of- a-kind karaoke contest which will be held at the Alexander Playhouse to raise funds next month

The contest forms part of a series of fundraising events to upgrade the Alexander Playhouse, fondly known as the “grand old lady”.

The quaint theatre was originally built in 1963 as a rehearsal venue for Dramsoc and has since seen the likes of Aaron McIlroy, Lisa Bobbert, Elzabe Zietsman, Casper de Vries and many other prominent artists perform on its stage.

“This local theatre has provided a performance platform to many aspiring performers to grow and spread their wings in their various fields,” said Dramsoc member and karaoke contest organiser Jo Stemmet.

The karaoke contest is an attempt to keep this beloved little theatre alive and will take the form of a dinner-theatre experience – something the Alexander Playhouse is well known for.

Local theatre and music gurus Kerry Hiles, Jacques du Plessis and Marcel Corson will make up the judging panel and share their knowledge and insights with the contestants during the course of three rounds.

Joining the team is Eldred Mathieson or DJ Eldred, well known for his extensive karaoke collection and fundraising charity events.

Elimination rounds will take place on April 5 and 12, from which a number of contestants will be selected to progress to the semifinal round on May 3.

The finale on May 26 will be a spectacular dinner-theatre event.

The contest is open to all ages and promises to be a fun opportunity for all karaoke champions and music lovers to sing their favourite songs in front of an audience and hone their stage and vocal skills.

For more information and entry forms, contact Jo Stemmet at jostemmet@gmail.com.Entries close on March 17.


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