Brain development programme adds up

IN ORDER to assist children in developing their potential in various areas, Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic Systems (UCMAS) have opened its doors in Vincent, East London. to help children improve their learning and concentration abilities.

UCMAS is a unique and scientifically proven brain development programme designed for children to develop their latent mental power at a very early age by offering basic learning skills which will not only assist them during their school years, but also later on as they study further or enter the workplace.

TRAINING SESSSION: Willie van Biljon, Lusanda Booi, Nikki Scott, Vannessa de Lange with trainer Judy Janse van Rensburg training as instructors for Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic Systems (UCMAS) Picture: SIPHOKAZI VUSO

The full year programme is for children between ages four and 13 years and it offers them young learners an opportunity to accelerate their progress in mental ability, mental development and mental excellence.

East London Ffranchise Mmanager Desire Brandt said they saw a need in East London for a franchise that caters for children who would benefit from the opportunities that this programme offers.

“The programme targets young children because studies show that during these early years, the brain is most elastic and optimum brain development occurs. The brain is also considered extremely pliable and responsive to guidance at this time,” she said.

Brandt said they believe are derived by the understanding that every child learns at their own pace.

“We have a child-centric approach and we understand that every child learns at a different pace. Therefore, we give each learner the opportunity to develop their skills as best suits them with guidance from our highly trained professional course instructors.”

National development manager Tiaan Janse van Raensburg said UCMAS develops imagination, photographic memory, observation, concentration, self-confidence, reasoning, application, judgement, as well as creativity. in the child’s learning process.

Brandt said UCMAS is more than a mathematical programme as the learners practisce using an age-old tool, the abacus, which helps them develop arithmetic abilities for speedy calculation, regardless of the complexity.

“In UCMAS we use the Chinese abacus as a tool to help form and develop your child’s brain in a way that will help them to become the best version of themselves. Not only does it develop a child’s mathematical skills, but also other areas including language skills, self-confidence, concentration and memory,” and many other areas,” she said.

All children students who study with UCMAS, have the opportunity to be invited to participate in the national and international competitions hosted held annually at one of the 79 participating countries around the world.

UCMAS also aims to cover the rural parts of the Eastern Cape.  as well.

To attend a FREE demo class, contact Brandt Desire on 071-126-3638 or for more information, visit their website,



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