Clinic, library in Westbank in poor state

AS THE oldest suburb in the city, West Bank is also one of the most neglected areas in the Buffalo City Municipality. Residents of the suburbs are particularly concerned about the state of the library and clinic.

According to DA councillor Richard Rooy, these they are two of the most important resources the community has.

“Generally, the library is utilised less than before because we have poor internet connectivity. However, the community members still make use of the library for leisure reading, as well as some for research,” Rooy said.

“The pupils of Westbank Primary School also attend regularly for school research purposes.” ,”

“This is particularly encouraging, as the benefits of reading are invaluable, especially for the development of young minds.”

Rooy said the community has decided to fence off the facility as it has become a spot for illegal dumping, as as well as various undesirable activities, such as drug dealings and vagrant loitering.

“This situation lends itself to elements of vandalism, and measures had to be taken to mitigate against this,” he said.

Rooy also claimed that BCM is aware of the fencing project, but he is not sure when the project will be complete.

“I am not quite sure when the completion will be,as there are still plans to rehabilitate the inside as well under the Mmunicipal Sservices programme.”

While the poor state of the clinic has been brought to BCM’s attention, the municipality claims that the responsibility is not theirs but instead that of the department of health (DoH).

“We have had meetings with officials from the DoH Pprovincial Ooffice, as well as sessions with the clinic staff, where we brought to their attention the issues we have which include late opening, early closing, staff attitudes in dealing with patients and availability of proper medication.

“It is alleged that prescribed medication tends not to be available, ablution facilities not operational and general neglection of the facility,” Rooy said

According to Rooy, it the West Bank clinic has been classified as a mobile clinic by the DoH which means that it does not operate on the same level as other provincial clinics.

“This, however, does should not imply inferior services to the community,” he said.


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