‘Dumped’ by metro

Residents in Amalinda are fed up with calls to the municipality constantly falling on deaf ears when it comes to service delivery.

The GO! & Express visited Saxilby recently and noted the dense bush around Liddiard and Dove Streets, despite complaints of break-ins and irregular bush-cutting services.

Irate resident, Eugene du Toit, said they would like to see the services that they paid for.

“Right now I have to do my own bush cutting. The municipality comes here when they have to access the manhole and only cut some of the bush then,” said Du Toit said.

He said that the smell from sewage was caused a stench so bad that at times that residents they had to keep their windows closed.

Another resident, Freek de Bruin, said noted that this problem should be looked at holistically, also taking into consideration including the environmental impact of illegal dumping also needed to be taken into consideration.

De Bruin said there were are animals that drank from used the stream and the pollution had a negative impact on their health.

“There’s a lot of bird life here that is exposed to diseases from all the filth that is dumped.

“This can move onto pets and then humans,” De Bruin said.

He added that we take so much from the environment but we don’t see what we’re damaging in the process.

In Jennings Road, near by the East London SPCA and Fairlands Old Age Home, the stench from an there is the open stench of an illegal dumpsite permeates the air.

An assortment of rubbish – such as pieces of broken toilet seats, nappies, rubble, and garden refuse litter the area. old tree branches – decorate the space.

BCMM spokesperson, Bathandwa Diamond said the grass cutting was is an ongoing programme and the Saxilby area was included in is on the maintenance programme scheduled for the end of August.

“To fast-track the programme, the metro’s parks department has successfully engaged with external service providers to assist the department in bush clearing.

“The procurement process is at a complete stage,” Diamond said.

Residents can are encouraged to report illegal sites by phoning 043-721-1969, and they can also be part of the Adopt-A-Spot programme to stop illegal dumping in their areas.


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