Porcupine isn’t having any of leopard’s nonsense [VIDEO]

A leopard had to get very creative to try to take down this prickly porcupine.

In a rare sighting caught on camera in the Kruger National Park‚ the leopard can be seen circling the porcupine which had its quills up to stop the leopard which was too close for comfort.

A leopard can run as fast as 58 km/h and usually relies on its powerful force bite‚ but had to utilise different tactics in this fight. The two minute video shows an unrelenting leopard using everything at its disposal to wear down the porcupine‚ which puts up a valiant fight to stay alive.

In a game of cat and mouse‚ the rodent stands its ground as the leopard jogs around it looking for a weak spot.

After a good effort to attempt to infiltrate the barbs‚ the leopard eventually realises what’s good for it and throws in the towel. The prickly rodent eventually struts away victorious as the leopard watches from the sidelines‚ keeping a healthy distance.


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