Arcadia becoming a dumpsite

Litter strewn along Atlas Road in the industrial part of Arcadia.
Image: Tyler Riddin

Illegal dumping in Arcadia is drawing the ire of Buffalo City residents.

Howard Sheard, director of Coastal Hire, said illegal dumpsites had been piling up near businesses and homes for the past two-and-half years in Atlas Road, in Arcadia.

When the Dispatch visited the area on Monday, the hillside was strewn with rubbish, right down to the road.

It included bits of tiles, wood cuttings, plastic, garden refuse and broken office furniture.

Sheard said the area had been cleared by a TLB roughly 18 months ago – but the rubbish had merely been pushed over the lip of the hill.

The frustrated businessman said it was not long after that that the dumpers would return, causing a vicious cycle.

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By Tyler Riddin

– DispatchLIVE


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