Cambridge celebrates with memories


PAST AND PRESENT: Former Cambridge pupil, Leslie Ruhrmund, who was in class of 1968 delivering his speech during the 139th anniversary of Cambridge Primary and High School

Cambridge Primary and High School celebrated their 139th anniversary at their Founder’s Day celebrations last week Friday.

Former pupil and businessman Leslie Ruhrmund, who was in the class of 1968, was the guest speaker.

“I remember when I started primary school, my parents would tell me what I would be when I grew up. When I went to high school, things changed.

“Instead of them telling me what I would be, they started asking me what I wanted to do after I finished high school, which was quite annoying, but I knew what I wanted to be, and that was to be a doctor,” he said.

“I grew up in a world where there was no Instagram, Facebook, Youtube or any other internet programmes and that world was wonderful because we always had time to spend with our family and friends, instead of being glued to cellphones. I think life was less complicated before technology evolved.”

Ruhrmund said he didn’t particularly enjoy school but he knew the important role it played in his life.

“The lessons we learn at school shape our lives for the rest of our lives.

“Our actions have consequences,” he said.

Ruhrmund concluded by advising pupils to fill their lives with people worthy of their love and respect.

“Our friends are a reflection of our character and our happiness is greatly influenced by the status of the relationships you have with the people you allow in your life.”

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Headgirl of the class of 1958 Sandra Rankin said nothing had changed at in Cambridge.

“The camaraderie in this is school is amazing.

“I enjoy coming to the Founder’s Day as it brings back some memories of when I was a pupil.”

Rankin said her fondest memory was attending the functions and growing into adulthood, knowing that she had a responsibility towards the pupils as the headgirl.


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