Fed-up residents clean the mess themselves

Beacon Bay residents clean up an illegal dumpsite on Beaconhurst Drive.
Image: Tyler Riddin

Beacon Bay residents on Monday took matters into their own hands and set about cleaning an illegal dumpsite along Beaconhurst Drive.

Dumpers began using the area when the road was closed for the construction of a traffic circle on the Beaconhurst Drive and Swift Crescent intersection.

This grass patch, which lies just 900m from the Beacon Bay Garden Refuse site, was soon littered with all sorts of trash before being set alight in June.

Now, just two months later, residents from Cooper Crescent and Fish Eagle Crescent have filled 120 garbage bags with dirty diapers, fibreglass, fluorescent tubing, building rubble, old medicines and more.

Residents said they hoped to soon put up a security camera to identify those dumping in the area, which was done mostly under cover of darkness.

The residents expressed their dismay that the former green belt area had been turned into a dumpsite.

– Tyler Riddin



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