Standard high at pupils’ exhibition

Art lovers can make their way to the annual East London High Schools’ annual art exhibition, under way at the Belgravia Arts Centre.

Thirteen schools have contributed more than over 400 entries to the exhibition.

The works on display are a mixture of ceramics, paintings, wax figures, drawings, mixed media, assemblages and more.

Belgravia principal Terry Schultz said one of the key aspects things they looked for in the artworks was is originality and sincerity.

BREAKING THE MOULD: ‘Stereotypes’, the work of Kerryn Nel of Stirling High School, is one of the many works on display at the Belgravia Arts Centre

“The work here is a reflection of contemporary trends and the pupils learners can let their creativity run wild,” Schultz said.

Some striking work includes that of Stirling High School grade 12 pupil Kerryn Nel, titled Stereotypes.

Three wax soldier figures are can be seen juxtaposed, holding an iron, frying pan and a baby, instead of machine guns.

Clarendon High School art teacher Natalie van Wyk said the standard had been set high. and is very proud of the schools

The works of Rachel-Ruth King, in grade 12 at Clarendon High School, and Alyssa Crawley, in grade 10 at Cambridge High School, are featured in the August issue of the South African Art Times magazine.

“Their work, currently on display here, was chosen out of many submissions from high schools all over the country,” Van Wyk said.

Schultz said added that it was encouraging to see pupils learners using alternative other means of artistic expression.

The two-week long event will end on September 21, and is open weekdays from 8am to 3.30pm.


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