Concert raises funds for the disabled

To raise funds to assist the disabled, the Raising Amber Foundation hosted a musical concert in the name of Amber van der Byl, 15, who is living with athetoid quadriplegic cerebral palsy at the Orient Theatre last  Saturday, October 6.

Amber’s condition affects her central nervous system and has  impaired her speech, along with her gross and fine motor skills.

CAPTION: SOUND EXPLOSION: Amber van der Byl with former Idols SA contestants, family and friends Picture: Sameer Meejane

Despite it all, she loves celebrating life through music.

“Idols SA”  contestants Loyiso Gijana, Bevin Samuels, Keegan Martin, Terra Cox as well as Season 12 winner Noma Khumalo graced the stage at the event.

“Seeing the Idols perform is one of the things on Amber’s bucket list so we approached  ‘Idols’ to make her dream come true and also to raise funds to assist other disabled children,” said Amber’s   aunt and secretary of the foundation Lioni van der Byl.

Van der Byl added that money raised on the day was also going towards building a school for the disabled as there is a lack of lack of facilities that specifically cater for them in East London.

“We are aiming at starting off as a centre that educates people of  all ages and then gradually work ourselves up to having classrooms. We would also like to get a sports programme going to allow disabled kids to participate in sports like other children,” she said.

Local singer Demeeschca Weimers of Parkside, who also took the stage on the day, said the event was a platform for local singers to showcase their talent.

“I’m happy to be part of such an event like this, an event that is important and that is very needed in the community,” she said.

“The show came together better than expected and we are overwhelmed with the support we received. The money raised will start the first phase of our goal and that’s purchasing equipment and software to enable learning for the disabled kids,” said van der Byl.



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