Teaching youth finer rugby skills

A new rugby academy, Junior Bobbies, is getting the ball rolling to teach East London children from ages five to 13 important rugby skills.

The academy focuses on core rugby skills for boys and girls so that they can become better rugby players in the future.

Founder Mike Campbell said he had played rugby for a number of years at East London’s Police Park, where the academy is based.

“I recently decided to start the academy to impart some of the knowledge built up through the years to the younger generation,” Campbell said. The academy currently has 15 children under its wing, with the programme having kicked off ahaving started at the beginning of September. The children are taught a variety of skills, among them them skills in tackling, passing, support play, running lines and decision-making.

Campbell said the children had the opportunity to interact with Police Rugby Club’s senior players and his aim was to “grow the academy to include high schools in future”.

He says children will excel in what they do if they enjoy themselves.

“That is why we have fun games that they partake in, while honing their skills at the same time,” he said. The academy hosts a session every morning at the fields from 9am until 11am. Single sessions are R75 and monthly contracts are R250.

Campbell can be contacted on 078-080-5497 or by visiting the Junior Bobbies Facebook page.


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