NATIONAL SCRAPBOOKING DAY 2018. Photos by Wendy Kretschmann and Cameron Kretschmann

WATCHING Scrapbookers get inspiration from each other.
PROCESS Scrapbookers far into their projects
HOT SPOT Waiting to melt metal-based powder.
MISSION ACCOMPLISHED This is just one of the stunning projects that was completed.
SUPER SCRAPPER Beryl Behrens at work on her masterpiece.
TIME OUT Scrapbookers taking time to pose for the camera.
DISCUSSION A gorgeous project under discussion.
SILVER STREAK Pam Grove adds a silver metal-based substance to her creation.
HANDS ON Lynne Matthews knows the drill when it comes to scrapbooking.
UNISON All have the same paper choice and yet different ideas emerge.
HOT PINK A scrapbooker melts metallic-based powder turning it from dull to shiny.
I WILL SURVIVE Rita Oosthuizen, left, pictured alongside Breast Cancer survivor Debbie Reinecke.
SISTER ACT Sisters Belinda Domoney, left, and Michelle Schafli use this time to bond.
ASSORTED A wide range of scrapbooking skills could be seen at the event.

OVER 40 SCRAPBOOKERS gather at the N.G. Church, Greenfields to raise funds for CANSA. The Paperdolls dressed symbolically  in pink to highlight breast cancer.


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