Reach for Recovery thanksgiving

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Breast cancer support group Reach for Recovery, a breast cancer support group, will host a thanksgiving service on Monday at the Cambridge Methodist Church.

Committee member Maureen Smith said the aim is to remember remembering those who that had succumbed to breast cancer.

“We also honour those who have survived and support the newly diagnosed. We thank God for our survival and for us having the opportunity to reach of reaching out to those others affected,” Smith said.

The non-profit organisation was started in 1972 by Theresa Lasser after she who had a mastectomy and realised that other women going who had been through similar situations would need assistance.

“We consist of breast cancer survivor volunteers reaching out to the newly diagnosed. We strive to do pre-op visits as well, offering practical and emotional support,” said Smith.

Brenton de la Harpe, David Prinsloo and Russell Weare – better known as the Three Cousins – will run the Comarades Marathon in 2019 to raise funds for the organisation.

The cousins’ mothers were all been affected by cancer, with only one – Rosalie Weare – having survived.

Remembrance roses will be available at the service, starting at 6pm. For any sponsorship or more information, contact the organisation on 073-001-3993.


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