Golden Games workshop for youth

MORE than 30 youngsters endured the sweltering heat to attend a well-organised Golden Games training workshop facilitated by the Eastern Cape provincial department of sport, recreation, arts and culture (Dsrac) in Breidbach on Tuesday October 23.

Dsrac official and facilitator Nozuko Damoyi said the event was aimed at preparing the youth to train seniors for the upcoming Golden Games.

PASS THE BALL: Participants at a Golden Games training workshop passing the ball to each other

“There are many seniors coming from this area who are participating in the Golden Games so this initiative is an attempt aimed to empower the youth,” Damoyi said.

“In embracing the department’s mission and strategic objectives, the Golden Games project was proposed as a mechanism that could elevate the activities of older persons to a higher level, thus it was launched in September 2005 in Western Cape through the department of social development.”

She said the project focuses on sport and recreation while at the same time strengthening and advancing service delivery and support to older persons, with a target age of 60 years and older.

The track events practiced were duck walk and passing the ball, with ring the stick, goal shooting, and ball pass serving as the field events in the two-hour training session.

On conclusion of the activities, Damoyi commended the athletes afterwards for putting time aside to make the event a success.

“We thank the Breidbach Hub and you specifically for your time, your discipline and for the enthusiasm showed,” Damoyi said.

“Remember now to implement what you have been taught today and assist your seniors to stay active and live a healthy lifestyle.”


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