13 blessed years of hope for bright futures

Hope Schools held their 13th Founder’s Day celebrations at their school in Dawn, East London on Tuesday.

The school caters for 240 boys and girls from grades 00 to 9 from disadvantaged communities who are affected by HIV/Aids.

School board chairman Alan Staples said they had been blessed to come this far.

“It’s an absolute miracle as to how God has led people to help us, as we have no go government subsidy that we rely on,” Staples said.

The school moved to its current location in 2010 with the help of Johnson & and Johnson, who donated a piece from a donation of land.

Guest speaker Ruth Gombert said she was inspired to support the school when she saw beautiful artwork done by the pupils learners three years ago.

“We created print screens of the children’s artwork and put them on clothing to work together and support the school,” Gombert said.

Sois Blessed Non-Profit and Hope Schools project that Gombert started, is based in Munich, Germany and has created a line of fashion wear, wallpaper, cushions and lampshades which are then sold to raise money for the school.

SPCA fundraiser, Margaret Pautz said they were “happy to be there and celebrate with the school.”

The school will hold their annual Christmas Fair fundraiser at the St Crucis Lutheran Church in Beacon Bay on November 17 from 9am to 1pm.


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