Join Dance for Parkinson’s

East Londoners affected by Parkinson’s disease can now benefit from dance classes under the banner of Dance for Parkinson’s SA.

The concept was founded in New York, USA, in 2001 as Dance for PD, offering specialised dance classes for to people with Parkinson’s, as well as and their families, friends and care partners.

It was developed through a collaboration between the Mark Morris Dance Company and Brooklyn Parkinson Group.


In East London, Sandra Kruger is a qualified Dance for Parkinson’s teacher, offering classes at some of the old age homes.

She was motivated to start the classes after seeing the results of a similar programme in Cape Town in 2017. After a visit to Cape Town last year, she couldn’t believe what she saw.

“I knew I had to get involved. There was a group of people who could barely walk properly who are now able to dance and sing,”  Kruger said.

Kruger will start a new class at St Michael’s Church Hall in Nahoon on Wednesday afternoons.

“If anyone in the community wants to get involved, they can tell people who might benefit or assist those who people who might need help to get to classes, or assistance during classes,” she said.

The dancing creatively addresses symptom- specific concerns related to balance, cognition, gait and depression.

The programme is offered in more than 250 communities in 24 countries.


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