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NEWLY QUALIFIED: Umpire Nolubablo Nxomfo, centre, with the U13 Advance for Life Christian Academy cricket team  Picture: SUPPLIED

Advance for Life Christian Academy cricket coach, Nolubablo Nxomfo, has qualified as the only woman professional cricket umpire in the province.

Nxomfo is currently the school’s public relations officer and coaches mini cricket and hardball cricket.

“I started last year with only one team consisting of U9 boys. Now I have three mini cricket teams with 16 boys and eight girls who joined this term,” she said.

“I got lucky as Border Cricket invited coaches to attend their training programme from mini cricket to Level One coaching and umpiring.”

Nxomfo attended the mini cricket training at the beginning of this year which left her wanting to know more, going on to enrol in the Level One programme offered during the June holidays.

Her interest grew along with her understanding of the game and she found herself registering for umpire training.

“The course was offered in September, and since then I cannot spend a day without watching some cricket,” she said.

“I have since officiated in schools cricket and my first umpiring experience was at Gonubie Cricket Club. It was not easy at all, but I had a Level Two umpire with me.

“I am now looking forward to officiating in more matches so I can gain more experience and go on to the next level and give back to my school and my community,” she said.


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