Black Panther bags a Global Globe Award nod

The internet is in full celebration mode after Black Panther became the first comic book movie to get a nod at the Golden Globe Awards.

The Marvel film which is centered around the hidden world of Wakanda bagged three nominations. The Best Motion Picture – Drama‚ Best Original Score – Motion Picture and Best Original Song – Motion Picture for the song All the Stars.

Fans are excited that the film got the recognition. It is an even bigger deal because the awards ceremony is known for its skepticism towards comic book movies.

However‚ the record shattering film started the year off on a high and hasn’t lost momentum ever since.

There’s no denying that Black Panther fans are proud of the nods and are also looking forward to the upcoming Oscar nods.–Nyongo/status/1070760169632481280

-Chrizelda Kekana


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