Flair for writing

Young passionate author Dida Copiso of Reeston, near East London, emphasises the importance of decision-making skills through trials endured by Ngqiqo, the main character in his new novel.

Titled, Nothing can be SOMETHING, Something can be NOTHING, the book is written in both English and isiXhosa.

“The logic is to make all people understand the story from the beginning, from your Xhosa-speaking grandmother to those fluent in English without losing the essence of the story,” Copiso said.

“I made it up as a movie for an oral presentation but through my English teacher Khanyisa Nylushe’s guidance and encouragement, I developed it into a book,” he added.

WRITE STUFF: Dida Copiso, 20, has just published his debut novel ‘Nothing can be SOMETHING, ‘Something can be NOTHING Picture: AMANDA NANO

When 20-year-old Copiso isn’t writing, he’s a full-time BCom accounting student at the University of Fort Hare (UFH).

“I’m working towards being a charted chartered accountant, but I’d very much like to continue writing,” Copiso said.

Among his ambitions is to found a company that will benefit the community of Reeston. He believes a person is more than his or her circumstance and everyone can make their dreams come true.

“I want to show people that you can come from a four- roomed house and still achieve. There are so many people in my community that can write and also have other talents,” he said.

Copiso said seeing people around him squandering chances to achieve things, can encourage one to do better.

“The decisions we make are the only instruments that will either destroy us or develop us,” he said.

Publishing the book was a challenge he took in his stride through a good saving ethic, and helped him find a publisher based in Mdantsane to suit his pocket.

The book costs R150 and if you are interested in purchasing a copy, you can contact him on 076-542-3578 or WhatsApp him on 071-038-9667.


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