Pupils show off their bowls skills

YOUNG PERSON’S GAME: Merrifiled pupils enjoying lawn bowling at the Nahoon Mouth Bowling Club Picture:SUPPLIEDD

Nahoon Mouth Bowling Club (NMBC) hosted Merrifield Preparatory School and College recently in a successful bowling competition.

The 96 pupils and two staff members enjoyed their lawn bowling experience and great enthusiasm was shown by all.

“You hear the word ‘bowls’ and the most common thought is ‘old people’ or ‘old man’s marbles’. That is a fallacy. Actually it is a young person’s sport that old people can also play,” said NMBC member Lynda Gower.

“It is a mindset that needs changing by creating awareness and affording all youth an opportunity to experience the sport.“ Ultimately, it is a non-contact team sport requiring applied concentration.

“It is a target sport which requires strategy to outwit and outplay the opponent. It is for everyone, no age barriers, no physical barriers and no gender barriers.

“It is through initiatives like this that bowls can be introduced as a school sport in the near future. All students wishing to play bowls are exempt from club fees and affiliation fees throughout South Africa,” she said.

Gower said people can visit www.1sport4life.co.za to see what the youth are doing on a national level, or visit the NMBC website www.nmbc.co.za.

“Many thanks to our sponsors; PnA, Scupltures, Beacon Bay Guido’s, Beacon Bay Debonairs and Beacon Bay Wimpy for their generosity and supporting this initiative. All is so much appreciated,” said Gower.


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