New stationery company launched

SUPPLY AND DEMAND: Bapate Ntikinca has started a stationery business, Sixty Consultancy Picture:SUPPLIED

The holidays are over, schools have re-opened and people are going to back to work. One of the stressful things about this period is the time spent looking for stationery – either for yourself or for your child.

University of Johannesburg graduate Bapate Ntikinca has started a company called Sixty Consultancy, which provides stationery for personal and office use.

He is focused on There is a focus of helping financially challenged parents who may not be able to afford all the stationery supplies their children need for school, especially after the Christams season which sees funds quickly depleted.

“Parents spend a lot of money during the festive season. Whenever it’s time to buy stationery for their children, its always a financial nightmare, especially when they go to the malls or respective stationery shops with their little ones, because children always want more, meaning that more money is spent unnecessarily,” said Ntikinca.

“What inspired me to start the business was my desire to sell convenience, peace of mind and offer affordable prices by making the entire process of buying stationery a simple one.”

His company is based inSixty Consultancy Greenfields and currently has only the one operating store for East London and surrounding areas.

“We do hope that in the foreseeable future we can receive some financial assistance from agencies such as Eastern Cape Development Corporation, NYDA and Seda, so that we can expand into other surrounding areas, and do more supplies,” he said.

For more information, people can contact Ntikinca at 072-618-7515. Stationery delivery is free.


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