BAT to meet at EL zoo

ANIMAL RIGHTS: BAT will be hosting a peaceful gathering outside EL Zoo

Non-Profit Organisation, Ban Animal Trading South Africa, and Daron Mann will hold a peaceful gathering at the East London Zoo on Saturday.

“The purpose is to mark a year of broken promises, lies and unspeakable suffering. It was promised that the jaguar would be moving to a ‘much bigger enclosure’ – it’s one year later, and nothing has happened. The jaguar is just one of the animals that has to call this horrid zoo his home,” Ban Animal Trading director, Smaragda Louw, said,.

The GO reported (“Petition to close down city’s zoo” January 25 2018) that there was a petition circulating with a concerned local, who wanted to remain anonymous, confirmed that she has started a petition to close down the zoo, with more than 5,000 signatures already collected.

“The main purpose of the gathering is to raise awareness against keeping animals in closed encounters for entertainment. When you visit the zoo, it’s not conservation and educational. It is an absolute abomination and terrible treatment of animals,” she said.

She indicates that Buffalo City Municipality owns the zoo but is not taking enough of a decisive stance since the highlighting the problem was a year ago.


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