Young and old get step on at Valentine’s dance

Red and white were the colours of the night at Quentin’s Valentine’s Day dance which was held at the Comrades Bowling Club on Friday night.

Love was in the air as Quentin Botha spinned the decks while couples – young and old – got their step on.

With a touch of sokkie music, the crowd barely sat long enough to catch their breath and filled the dance floor.

SWEET LOVE: On the right, Cyril Welch, right, also known as Cecilia, performs ‘My Boy Lollipop’ at the Valentine’s Day dance.

Providing additional entertainment, was Cyril Welch with an interactive cabaret show.

“The whole thing for me is more about making people laugh and also show them what cabaret is,” Welch said.

Dressed as his alter ego Cecilia, Welch performed two Valentine’s Day-themed songs – My Boy Lollipop by The Cadillacs and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper.

“I used to be a shy boy growing up, so when I dress up, I literally immerse myself in the character,” he said.

Trained by Owen McGillvary in stage cabaret, Welch has been performing since his first show in 1994 at the Guild Theatre.

“Live life to the fullest, be happy and have fun while you still can. Be kind, loving and show love to the elderly as they are very precious,” said Welch.


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