Ex-boxer urges state to develop sport facilities

Former Ginsberg-based boxer Billy Mkencele wants to help change what he considers to be the poor state of boxing in the Eastern Cape.

KNOCKOUT APPROACH: Former professional boxer Billy Mkencele is hoping to improve the sport in the province

“People who are in positions do not came or do not have interest in the sport. Some others were never involved from a childhood stage. They do not know the sport,” said Mkencele.

According to Mkencele, the government should get involved in providing sporting facilities for communities to make use of.

“By doing this, the sport in our province will improve. Those who have an interest in boxing, can try and speak to those who were involved in sport to advise them now to promote the sport in our province as a whole,” he said.

He also advised community members to steer children away from narcotics, alcohol, “and other evils things”.

“I was interested in boxing from a very young age. I aspired to be like like Nkosomzi Moss, Ringo Mpondo and other professional boxers. I started in the junior featherweight division, featherweight and junior light weight,” Mkencele said.

“My last fight was with in 1991 against Mxhosana Jongilanga at the Orient Theatre in East London where I lost on points.

“I suggest to parents they must encourage their children to become boxers and be like me – even in other sporting codes. I am currently playing golf as a full member of King William’s Town Golf Club.

“I am also now employed by the department of education in Zone 6 in Zwelitsha Township as a labour relations officer,” he said.


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