Traffic department clamps down in Zwelitsha

Zwelitsha residents are praising the traffic department for their efforts to keep them safe after a roadblock was established along the main road between Zone 6 and Zone 7.

Some senior residents encouraged the respective police and traffic departments to keep up the good work because, according to them, reckless driving has become a serious problem in the area. They claim there were also many unroadworthy vehicles on the road.

The traffic department recently set up a road block between Zone 6 and Zone 7 in Zwelitsha Township, earning praise especially from senior citizens

Thulani Zondenani suggested department officials inspect vehicles for possible overloading and clamp down on motorists who drive unroadworthy vehicles. They also encouraged officials to check on drivers who ferry students, adults in school and those who drive taxis and small cars.

“The traffic department must be deployed even during the week and on weekends, not only in main roads but they must be available on all roads in Zwelitsha Township,” said Zondenani

Fellow resident Thanduxo Mnazisi agreed that reckless driving had become a serious problem in the community.

“We think some of them show off when they drive and others we believe are under influence of liquor,” said Mnazisi.

Another Zwelitsha resident, Sithembele Nangisa, said the traffic department should focus on doing their job and serving the community.

“We don’t want our pedestrians to be killed because of reckless driving,” Nangisa said.

“We appreciate the department’s work as residents and those who are caught driving recklessly must be punished because we don’t want our people to die because of carelessness.”


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