King church leads clean-up initiative

While many community members spent quality time with their families during the festive season, members of the Lighthouse Church in Acorn Valley rolled up their sleeves and embarked on a clean-up operation instead.

DIRT BUSTERS: Members of the Lighthouse Church in Acorn Valley embarked on a clean-up operation in the community during the festive period Picture: DESMOND COETZEE

In a bid to keep their community clean and hygienic, a group of about 30 church members under the leadership of Apostle Lester Mopp picked up trash around the church building and surrounding area, collecting about 250kg of refuse in three hours.

According to Mopp, it was not the first time they had become involved in such an operation and he believes that initiatives like this are a key ingredient to bringing happiness to those living in the community.

“The operation forms part of our social welfare projects and these efforts by the church help unite communities, inspire deeds of humanity, motivate and encourage change in our areas,” he said.

“It was also frustrating to notice the community is ignorant and purposely using the area next to our church building as a dumping site, whereas the municipal truck is coming every week to collect garbage.”

Mopp said as a church, they were worried about their area because nothing was being done to address certain social ills facing the community.

“The children, instead of going forward, they are actually going backwards, judging from the poor results on their school reports,” he said.

Community member Kaylene Cumming applauded the church for the initiative and pleaded with residents to take full ownership of their area.

“Thumbs up to Apostle Mopp and his congregation for taking the initiative in cleaning our community as there is no-one from BCM deployed to clean our area, which is a serious concern,” Cumming said.

“We only see them once in five years and that is when you know the elections day is around the corner, so I humbly call on our residents to keep or community clean and tidy.”


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