Calvary Church launches worship album

SINGING PRAISE: Members of East London Calvary Christian Church celebrated the launch of their first worship album, ‘Coronation (Come and See)’, on Sunday

There was much jubilation at the East London branch of Calvary Christian Church last Sunday as they celebrated the release of the church’s first full-length worship album, Coronation (Come and See).

Calvary Church is an Australian-based church group with nine different churches throughout Australia. The East London church is not just the only branch in South Africa, but is also the only international branch.

The highlight of the evening was a sermon by Calvary senior pastor James Macpherson, speaking from his home in Australia.

Macpherson cautioned churchgoers to avoid trying to fit God into rigid categories since God defies human definition.

“We imagine that God is just a more highly evolved version of ourselves. We think that God is just a more moral, upright version of us.

“We like to define God because if we can define God, then we can control God. When we know what God’s like and we know what God does and how God will react, then we try and manipulate God to get them to do what we want,” he said.

He also encouraged people to always try and look at things with a fresh perspective, whether it be their jobs, other people, or even themselves.

“God is God and we are not – which means we’ve got to continually have fresh eyes,” Macpherson said.

“The greatest insult to Jesus is to stay the way you are.”

Coronation (Come and See) can be ordered on the Calvary Church website and is also available on Spotify, Google Music and iTunes.


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