Pensioners get out and about

HEALTHY LIVING: Some of the members of East London Pensioners Association held a fun walk last week Friday in Gompo, East London. Picture: SUPPLIED.

In pursuit of healthy bodies and minds, members of the East London Pensioners Association (ELPA) took part in a fun walk last Friday, from Gompo Library to the Buffalo Flats police station.

Established in 2018, the group consists of former professional educators.

ELPA The association’s deputy chairperson, Nomatemba Twetwa, said the main aim of the walk was is to show that “there’s life beyond the classroom” and help build communities.

“Something like this means you come back refreshed and are able to think outside of the box. Even those who were not able to cover the distance because of health issues were still involved in the day,” Twetwa said.

“We need to create close relationships, unity and get to know each other’s strengths, as well as motivate each other. The association is also in need of more male members as we we have about four currently,” she said.

Anyone interested in joining the to join association can contact Nomatemba on 076-880-0183.


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