Pupils enjoy Easter fun

EASTER FUN: Peggy Nesta Foundation CEO Valda Van Heerden, centre, at the Easter Fun Day last week Thursday Picture:SUPPLIED

The Peggy Nesta Foundation held an Easter Fun Day last week Thursday at Pefferville Primary School.

“The Easter Fun Day is normally on a Saturday and open to the public. However due to the school being under construction, we have decided in conjunction with the school principal and teachers to have the event for the Pefferville Primary pupils only,” Peggy Nesta CEO Valda van Heerden said.

The foundation gave away 650 party packs while the teachers organised a modelling, dancing and singing competition. “They pulled out all the stops to make it real. The winners walked around with pride with their crowns and prizes,” Van Heerden said

The Peggy Nesta Foundation was established in 2011 by Gaster Sharpley after the passing of his mother, Peggy Nesta Sharpley.

“After seven productive years, the foundation in 2018 resolved to extend its registration from being a Section 21 company to being a non-profit organisation (NGO) registered with the relevant authorities and with a duly constituted board that operates under the vision of the founding member,” Van Heerden said.

The foundation is currently committed to programmes that are intended to uplift communities in need, to empower the youth with knowledge and provide legal support to reduce substance abuse.

“We want to salute the Pefferville staff including the non-teaching staff who entertained our precious children until 1pm when other schools were dismissed at 11am for the Easter Holidays,” said Van Heerden.

Van Heerden challenged East London locals to help change the future of vulnerable pupils.


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