Disparity in area glaring

DIVIDED COMMUNITY: Two communities lives on two sides of the coin at Rowntree Crescent in Haven Hills, East London. Picture: AMANDA NANO

A nauseating stench fills the air as residents from one side of the street watch the other side receive service delivery in Haven Hills, East London.

Separated by just a street, the disparity is clearly evident as some live in houses made of bricks, while others live in a squatter camp known as Nkandla.

The GO! received complaints from Rowntree Crescent about the illegal dumping in the area.

Preferring to stay anonymous, a resident who has lived in living in the area for 36 years, said there had been a rise in illegal dumping and house robberies.

“The stench is so bad at times that I don’t even invite friends over anymore,” she said.

“I’m starting to feel isolated and it’s quite costly to go out.”

She added that 10 months ago, her house was broken into and two television sets were stolen.

“I had to install burglar bars at a high cost, and I’m so reluctant to spend money on the house because the value has gone down.

“But what what can I do?” she said.

The resident said she had attempted to contact the municipality on numerous occasions but had received no response.

The illegal dumping at Rowntree Crescent in Amalinda, East London. Picture: AMANDA NANO

According to Nkandla resident Zandile Kilani, there had been no change in their living conditions in the five years since they moved to the area. moving there.

“It’s like we don’t matter – there has been no development since I’ve lived here.

“The toilets are far so we don’t have a choice but to use the bushes.

“We even put some of our rubbish into bags and hope they might collect it as well, but they never do,” said Kilani.

One thing that residents both agree on is the two areas [Rowntree Crescent and Nkandla] can agree upon is that the Residents say the municipality does not respond to their complaints. remains silent on issues facing the area.

The area is littered with shacks, with the residents living on top of each other. It also has no electricity.

Nkandla newcomer Unathi Mtati said he moved to the area as it had seemed conveniently situated. the area seemed convenient due to being close to several amentities. the amenities he needs. he saw the area place as an opportunity to be closer to all amenities he needs.

The GO! tried has also attempted to contact the municipality but had has received no reply at the time of going to print.


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