Quinoa’s regained its status


Quinoa has recently been labelled a super food.

Quinoa is a seed, yet may often be considered more of as a grain.

Uncooked, the seeds are hard and oval-shaped.  With cooking, they transform into a very light and easy to digest food – just make sure to always rinse before cooking.

As their colours vary from white, yellow, pink and black, among other others hues, so does the taste experience.

The gentle flavours range from bitter to sweet, with a yet are very slight and often have a subtle, nutty overtone, making quinoa The gentle flavour makes it an easy companion to any flavoursome food.

This highly nutritious food is superb for all ages, including babies and anyone with weak digestion.

The seeds can be ground into a flour to be altered into baking bakery products, while boasting to be gluten-free.

Sometimes you might enjoy it Quinoa can be enjoyed as a cereal or replacement for rice or even as sprouted quinoa.

It is also great in cold salads and as a to complement to protein-rich meals.

Generally, a cup of quinoa contains just over 200 calories.which is still way less than many chocolate or health bars.

Although quinoa may be higher in carbohydrates relative to its protein content, it proudly has a low glycemic index. The small amount of protein in quinoa is a power-punch in protein quality.

If you are concerned with keeping down your weight down, this is a handy food to indulge in.
It may not be banting-approved, however, low glycemic index whole foods that are high in fibre and nutrients, are always part of a healthy and balanced diet.

This seed is very low in fat, unlike some other seeds such as sesame, sunflower and pumpkin seeds. Quinoa is also especially a high source of the minerals magnesium and manganese.

Originally from South America, quinoa was a highly valued stable food in bygone days.

Sadly, the Spanish wiped out much of its harvesting and maintenance when they arrived in South America.

Now it is getting its due applause again as a royal food.


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