Ward 41 BEC defends councillor

The Ward 41 branch executive committee (BEC) has responded to allegations of corruption levelled against ward councillor Sindiswa Skepe.

TAKE NOTE: Ward councillor Sindiswa Skepe

Speaking on behalf of the BEC, acting secretary Lulama Nkopo said that Skepe received R700,000 from BCM in December 2018 which was allocated for different development projects.

Nkopo said that it was Skepe who came up with a number of proposals on how to spend the money during a branch meeting held in Zwelitsha Community Hall recently.

“We have debated and held discussions on how the funds are to be used. Priorities included the distribution of groceries to elderly residents, the employment of 50 volunteers as part of a cleaning campaign, sending volunteers – especially the youth – for learner’s and driver’s licences,” said Nkopo.

The GO! & Express previously reported that Skepe had been accused of mishandling funds and giving out tenders to friends and relatives in exchange for bribes.

“I know you choose your friends for tenders and after that, you receive envelopes with money and drinks,” said one of the residents during a ward meeting in April.


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